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 Welcome to the sponsor page. Here you will see the names of weekly contributors who are funding video production going forward. Will be updated as I process donations. For each $20 Threshold reached, I will produce and publish a video for the following week up to 4 videos per week. Any amount over that is considered a tip to help fund the channel as a whole. Your donations will count towards the following weeks video productions. Live streams are funded by followers on DLIVE. Videos will be posted that week by Sunday at the latest. If I am unable to meet the demand for videos, they will be added to the following week. This will only happen when life gets in the way.

Without these sponsors I would not be able to spend much time producing videos, podcasts and content

Number of Videos October 21st-October 27th: 1

Number of Videos October 14th-October 20th: 4(Fully Funded)

2 videos carried over from previous week. Changing weekly limit to 4… 5 vids per week will burn me out, plus videos are long anyway…

added the extra vid to next week to keep the cap at 4 per week going forward. In the future if I miss a video it will be added to the following week up TO 4…. Anything extra during that time will be considered a tip for the channel.

Sponsors for September 14th-October 20th

Denise R

Kenneth H

DLIVE Subscribers and Contributors

These individuals make the podcasts and livestreams possible with their Generous Contributions (updated WEEKLY)


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Previous Sponsors for October

Bridget A

Gloria S

Laura F

Margaret H

Marg C

Tom H

Dennic C

Michael S

Helen G

Kevin K

Angela G

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