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Day 2 Of The Fat Fast

Let the pissing begin.  Like clockwork the water weight has been falling off.  No hunger yet, however I haven't been physically active. That will change when I go work uber tonight.  Imagine being able to do a long fast with minimal hunger? Could be a powerful tool in the toolbox if it works almost as good as a long water fast..... 

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Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?

Sugar is killing us.  You don't have to look very far to figure this out.  A Simple google of "Is Sugar Bad For You" will provide you with plenty of evidence that proves it...

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Don't Let The Scale Get You Down

It can be a struggle, and honestly if not for the sake of transparency I probably would not weigh myself every day.  I think the best way of tracking your weight should be on a monthly basis, however many of us on a weight loss journey have to constantly see progress on the scale to feel good about it.  We need to change that way of thinking or we become open to the psychological pitfall the scale can throw us into. M..........

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Weight Gain on OMAD

Not sure how but my weight is up today.  Water retention?  Stress? Cortisol?  Who knows, but it is up.  Not going to panic and going to follow through on this experiment of seeing where OMAD (4 hour eating window) leaves me after a week, followed by the fasting mimicking diet protocol...................

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