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Why Vegetable Oil Is Bad For You.

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Last night, a good friend of mine bought me dinner.  After haggling over keto- and family-friendly restaurants, I told him, “Just go where you all want. I will adapt, and overcome the hostile food environment.”  I’m very wary about eating out, unless I know they aren't adding sugar to everything, and what kind of fat they cook with. 

It’s usually a safe bet to get a burger without the bun, a salad, with dressing on the side, or a steak.  These are things restaurants tend not to add sugar to, and don’t use vegetable oil on.  Fat intake is usually an issue; however, they usually leave fat on steaks to cut costs, and increase the weight they can put on the menu (not to mention the flavor), but that’s about the extent of safe fats.  

I ordered a steak, and was going to get buttered broccoli as a side.  The server slipped up, and said that it was margarine.   I asked, “Is there any way to get real butter?” He said they cook with it – questionable –but whenever someone wants butter on the side, they give them margarine, which is made from vegetable oil. I don't like broccoli, without the added fat, so I just went with the salad, with dressing on the side, which may also be made with oil, but most are with olive oil - the only healthy vegetable oil. 

In any case, this got me thinking about the true problem with vegetable oil, and my feeble attempts at avoiding it, since it is EVERYWHERE. We switched to vegetable oil, after Ancel Keys fucked us with the diet-heart hypothesis. That study has been disproven by THIS STUDY, and many others. It should be noted that this study was suppressed, and unpublished for many years, because it did not support the diet-heart hypothesis and the seven-country study, which made us fear cholesterol as a cause of heart disease. 

Cholesterol is made in the body, or passed through into the blood, when it is eaten.  It is used to repair inflammation.  For a heart attack to happen, first, you have to build up plaque in your arteries, and veins. This, of course, can lead to stroke, and other problems besides heart attacks, and is associated with type 2 diabetes, as well. However, the heart attack happens when that plaque ruptures, and ends up in the heart.  That happens with inflammation. 

Sugar, and carbs produce the kind of cholesterol used to repair inflammation.  They build the plaque, not animal saturated fats, which raise HDL, which cannot clog your arteries.  Then, we consume vegetable oil, which causes inflammation, mainly because it is fat, either oxidized from heat, or just fat that we cannot metabolize easily.  When you eat the Standard American Diet, you are making the bad cholesterol (bad, in the sense that it does its job), and causing the inflammation necessary for the heart attack. 

If you go Keto, and change the types of fats you eat, you reduce inflammation, and you don't make as much of the small, dense LDL, which is the only cholesterol that can penetrate the arterial walls.  Fasting also reduces inflammation, but we can save the debate on IF, and whether or not fasting alone can prevent heart disease, while eating the precursors to it on the Standard American Diet, for another time, and shit ... :-)

Vegetable oil is also heavily used in processed foods.  It’s even added to processed, roasted, and flavored nuts, as if nuts needed more fat. This is why raw pecans are my nut of choice.  I fear that vegetable oil isn't going anywhere, because it is cheaper to produce, and use, reducing the food industry’s overhead, while putting us on the medical treadmill, before killing us.

I am not perfect, and I know that every time I eat out, or eat certain processed low-carb foods, I am ingesting this bad fat.  I combat the inflammation caused by with fasting; however, I do the best I can to minimize it.  It would be very difficult to cut it out completely.  You would have to eat a whole foods diet.  You could not eat out hardly at all, at least not without a lot of research.  This is why I wish someone would start a keto restaurant chain, where I wouldn't have to dissect the menu, whenever I eat out.  Ironically, I doubt the Standard-American-Diet eaters would even care, because the food is so satiating and delicious. 

Bottom line, if you know someone with heart problems, and you see them eating vegetable oils, sugar, refined carbs, and processed foods, they are increasing their risk of another heart attack. The aforementioned study shows that the more you reduce cholesterol by eating vegetable oil, the greater your risk of death – the complete opposite of the dietary dogma of the past 50 years. 

Now, I’m gonna go eat my fuckin’ eggs, topped with a shit-ton of butter, and a side of bacon –  the healthier alternative to eating out, and filling up on vegetable-oil-laden foods.  I hate that I have to be so vigilant about food, because the mainstream, corporate food industry could give two shits about health.  What good is all that money, if you are going to spend it on doctors and pills ... and shit ...?


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