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Good News and Bad News for the Ketogenic Diet.

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Well I got a new video out, and will be releasing another new video this afternoon.  The first video is just to pass on the new website to everyone, and if you are already on board and not confused by anything you can skip it.  Today I woke up to an article on theguardian that will impact everyone on Keto in a very negative way.  They announced that a meat tax will be inevitable.  I have been saying a while now that the vegan lobby had it's claws in the government.  They are gaining more power and influence and soon it will be even more expensive (like it wasn't already) to consume meat.  They say it is unhealthy, yet science and studies do not support that claim.  In fact that claim borders on ridiculous when compared to sugar especially.  

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Meat's impact on health is minimal, and I would argue against every point the article makes.  "Meat is unhealthy" is almost a complete bullshit claim.  Every observational study doesn't provide a 2 to 3 times increase to risk of death that would be required to be taken seriously.  The other thing that these studies don't do is separate sugar out as a variable.  How can we blame meat when people in the study are also consuming refined carbs and sugar.  It is ridiculous that once again we are leaping before we look. There is far more correlation with sugar and these health risks.  Where are the sugar taxes eh?  Where is the big anti-sugar lobby that will remove sugar from our diet?  There are a few places in the world with a soda tax, but as far as I can see sugar is still subsidized and gets a pass.  This is eroding slightly.  I think replacing animal protein with plant protein will have profound long term negative impacts on health. Replacing a whole food with a processed food almost always results in negative health consequences. 

The next claim is about the environment.  Everything we do as consumers is destroying the environment, and seems kinda dumb to point out the contribution of meat of which 15% is a pretty small contribution.  I love when Iphone touting vegan's wearing designer clothes driving around on the highways eating tons of vegan processed foods and sugar go on and on about how meat is destroying the environment and needs to be stopped.  Once again the finger gets pointed at the wrong thing.  Not to mention the soil depletion, habitat removal, extinction of some species that occurs when we cultivate huge swaths of land for an increase in crops to support this plant based diet.  What about the emissions and energy impact it takes to harvest those crops and to keep them refrigerated on the way to your local vegan store or "health" store?  What about the huge healthcare costs associated with refined carbs and sugar that not only impact the environment, but our health directly?  Yet MEAT MUST BE THE CAUSE.  Sorry, but go fuck yourself if you think that.  It is a minor impact on the environment, and quite honestly the last thing we should change.  I have said we need to evaluate how we farm and slaughter livestock, however that does not mean we stop.  Animals are an important part of a healthy diet as are saturated fats.  Let's get caught up on the science before we make broad sweeping statements that lead to stupid laws and taxes.  A Meat tax would almost certainly harm human health long term, and people will still suffer and die at the hands of our processed food environment.  Meat is a healthy whole food, and before you start replacing it with processed vegan shit, you should really think, do i care more about animals than my fellow man?  Are there alternatives and more efficient and better ways to fix our health and environment?   Should we focus on that?  

Good news for the ketogenic diet is there are studies currently ongoing that will continue to prove the "meat is bad" crowd wrong.  This Article talks about it. So there is push back, however vegans still have their claws in government and healthcare, while keto is still fighting for mainstream acceptance.  Overcoming 40 years of dogma, misinformation and bad science is not an easy task.  While I am pleased every time new science supports keto, I am horrified at the things standing in the way going forward.  Best thing we can do is vote with our money.  If you don't buy into the vegan shit, it goes away.  As long as we are capitalist, the free market gives us the power, but that is another article. :-)

One last thing, whenever you see stuff like this, you should be evaluating who profits from this.  In this case, the government, vegan processed food producers, the health industry (because you will still succumb to chronic disease, just might be a little thinner in the process), the sugar industry (less saturated fat= more sugar), the grain industry and Monsanto etc... etc.. Follow the money.  Will this tax fix anything?  What will change?  Did soda tax (where it was implemented)  change sugar consumption?  Can we just stop with the bullshit????

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