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Not Going Live Today

Well, yesterday and last night SUCKED.  It was bad enough to overcome keto, and launch me into a depression.  I am just not feeling up to going live today, as I want some time to reflect on things.  It isn't about the channel, although the Patreon thing sucked.  Just had some personal things come up that have kinda knocked me down a peg, or two. 

I broke my sobriety last night (and have a nice hangover, as a result).  Stayed keto though, which is good.  I have fallen off the horse before, and I keep getting back on, so, no drinking for a while again. I have learned, through this journey, that if you keep getting back on the horse, when you fall off, you will ride that motherfucker a little longer next time.  If you give up, you won't get where you want to go. How’s that for some fortune cookie wisdom, and shit? Hopefully, I will make it longer than a month this time.  I will get back on track this week, and continue to work on the website.

Patreon will link to this blog for a while, until it drops off, but I want to encourage everyone, who is contributing there, to move over to here.  You can contribute in my store, or anywhere you see the Support the Channel Link. The fees are minor, and I get most of what you contribute, plus, you are charged exactly what you pay, unlike Patreon.  The fees are on my end.  You can use PayPal, at that link, as well.  Let me know if you have any problems contributing.

I will make content as much as I can, despite the loss of income I’m currently experiencing.  I am not giving up, but I will have a little less time to devote to the channel; however, that will change, as the channel grows.  I have to be a little more realistic, and not work 50 to 70 hours a week for 125 bucks a week.  I need to do a little more Uber until things grow.  I’ll be attempting to do more weekly live streams, going forward.

I believe the reason I’m slipping into depression, other than a lack of dopamine, is I haven't taken enough time to relax, to turn my brain off for a while and rest.  40-hour work weeks are the goal, and I think now is the time to do that.  Going to structure a set of work hours. Easier said than done, as I obsess about building my channel.

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