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Scott The Truck Driver Podcast Episode 002


Scott The Truck Driver Podcast Episode 002


Scott The Truck Driver Podcast Episode 002

This podcast is focused on the intermittent fasting journey I have been on in more detail.

Topics This Podcast
-Getting started with fasting
-Fasting and the Standard American Diet
-The protocols I started out with and how I progressed to Longer Water Fasting
-Coming to terms with fixing the underlying problem instead of treating the symptoms of obesity
-Plateaus and how I dealt with them
-Why the gym is not part of the equation for me
-Metabolism Concerns and Fasting
-Fat Adaptation in a nutshell
-Why I ended up Keto with fasting
-If I were to have a cheat day....
-Fatty Liver, the root of all evil
-The Real Impact of the way we eat
-What awaits the standard american dieter when you get old
-The importance of Healthspan
-Dealing with loss from preventable chronic disease
-End of Life suffering
-Medication and shit
-Ketones and Urine strips in relation to Fat Adaptation
-How much fasting should you do?
-If you are normal bodyweight??? Are you better off? Should you fast?
-Lowering your setpoint
-Future Fasting protocols for me

Link from podcast
Man loses 135 lbs with fasting and the standard american diet...

-Man lost 132 lbs in 10 months....

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