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Submit Research or Success Story.

This page is so people can submit research for the channel.  I will review submissions and if I choose to talk about and share your research I will give you researcher credit in the video I use it in, along with the original author or creator.  When I use your research I will give my take and opinion on it, and note any flaws etc along with if I agree with it or not.  You can also submit links and tell your success story here.  I encourage links to videos or audio that can be played in an upcoming video and I can respond to.  Sometimes telling your story in video or audio form can be more compelling and inspiring to others than just comments.  This is the place to become a bigger part of the ScottTheTruckDriver  channel and the thriving community that we have built so far.

Name for Credits *
Name for Credits
What is the topic of your research or success story submission. Failure stories are welcome as well.
This is where you can tell your story or describe your interpretation of the research presented.
Cut and paste links to articles, videos, blogs etc. here or if this is your story, links to your videos or before and after photos.
Any further message to ScottTheTruckDriver to not include in videos.
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