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Here are some products I recommend to help in your journey to a better life and lifestyle.  If you purchase these through my links you help the channel financially while still paying for these products the same that you would if you went and found them on your own.  It is a way of supporting the channel and blog while purchasing things you would probably buy on your own at some point anyway (when you hear about them).  I will be adding new products to this page as I review them or discover and use them.  I will only promote products that I have used, read or viewed and would recommend to others.


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Fasting And Ketogenic Lifestyle and Knowledge

I learned a lot of what I know from these books and videos.  They help contribute to my research and keep my lifelong learning going forward.

Minimalism, Lifestyle, and Personal Finance

These books and videos have helped inspire me to make lifestyle changes and live a more minimalist fulfilling life as well as improving my personal finance.

Camera Gear and Equipment I Film and Shoot With

If you are ever curious about the camera and video gear I use some of it is here.

Ketogenic Foods, Cookbooks, and Food Lists

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