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Three years ago, at the height of my truck-driving career, I began my journey to improve my health, and happiness. Working 70 hours a week in a job I hated, making other people rich, while living in a box on the road, I watched my health drift away. I gained weight, eventually hitting 255 pounds. I was showing prediabetic blood-glucose levels, experiencing low energy, and generally feeling like shit, all the time. I began documenting this transformation, and journey on YouTube, and today, I continue to work on every aspect of myself, with the goal of living a better, more fulfilling, healthier life.


Many of the things I advocate for are outside-the-box solutions that many dismiss as fads, or unsustainable. Through extensive research, I’ve increased my knowledge about science, nutrition, biochemistry concepts – to a degree – lifestyle, and personal finance. I’ve learned strategies that can help reduce, or eliminate many of modern society’s pitfalls, which can destroy us, make us miserable, and lead to an early, drawn-out death, lacking happiness, or fulfillment. Using what I’ve learned on this journey, I'm on a quest to not be just another sick old person, taking a laundry list of medications, moving in, and out of hospitals, on the way to being dumped in some old-person storage facility, waiting to die, while everything I built over my lifetime is taken away.


I know I'm on the right path, because of the success, and occasional failures that have taught, and guided me. I’m sharing everything I learn that works for me, and some of the things that don't. I’m sharing my successes, and failures, in order to create a better future, not just for me, but for everyone willing to give these things a try, and see what happens in their own lives. So far, I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback.


I am now promoting this site as the place where I can free myself from the constraints, negative influence, and leeching of many other platforms I use to deliver my message. I know what I am doing can help others, so I want to dedicate the time, and effort it takes to create meaningful, helpful content. Going forward, this website is my hub for my journey, and its related content. Make sure to bookmark this site, and return often, as I work build this site, as well as my YouTube channel, ScottTheTruckDriver.

Currently, I’m 186 pounds, healthy, and doing work that I am passionate about. My energy is off the charts, and my life has improved dramatically. I have studied minimalism, and practice it as best I can, now living comfortably on less than $14,000 a year, without public assistance of any kind. I do the work I love for not a lot of money, while I enjoy freedom from corporate slavery, lack of flexibility, and trading my life away for money.

While I technically work more, or as much as I did before, I am much happier, and more fulfilled doing so. I want to share this journey so that others, who are tired of busting their ass in the rat race of consumerism that is, itself, eating away at our lives, and time, can learn about ways to prioritize relationships, friendships, and the experiences that bring value, while eliminating things that don’t. I appreciate you taking the time to hear an alternative point of view, even if you don’t agree with what I have to say. Thank you.

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