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Outrage, Political Correctness, and Social Media Live at 7pm Eastern Time

Click to watch the Replay (for up to 7 days after the event)

Click to watch the Replay (for up to 7 days after the event)

In this Reaction Stream I will be going over a 60 minutes Australia story about political correctness, outrage and social media. I will give my thoughts on it and reactions to what is going on in this modern culture war going forward. This is a short notice stream and replays will be exclusive to DLIVE and the Subscriber lounge. Will also render an audio podcast for the subscriber lounge and later this week. Subscribe to ScottTheTruckDriver.Com to enjoy these benefits.

I am often told to stop swearing, censor myself and not to express my sometimes controversial opinions. I find this unacceptable and it looks like I am not alone in this view. When will we wake up to this shit…

Later Event: August 13
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